New Age Hippie

Everyone knows that there are still a bunch of hippies out there in the world who have stayed away from the confines of normal human civilization and have started to make way for the new age of thought and consciousness through living through peace, love and harmony with all sentient beings. This is the way of life for the new age hippies, and for the most part you don’t necessarily have to be a hippie to want to live out in nature in tipi villages and other communes in which people are more in tune with nature than the normal home that we have come to realize as the normal way of living in the United States. Just because someone decides that they would rather live in a tipi doesn’t necessarily mean that they are homeless, but it means that they have decided to take up residence in a more natural, and really American way of living. The tipi was first really considered to be a Native American thing that settlers found out about as they found communities of natives throughout their travels, and the truth of the matter is that tipis are actually very economical and really useful even in today’s modern society that is full of technology and other forms of housing that could be considered to be more reasonable than living in the outdoors in a tipi.


You can’t really think about living out in nature and outside as a negative thing if you are going to join a TP or tipi community, and that is because when you do decide to live in these types of communities you are going to be constantly bombarded with nature, the elements and people who enjoy this type of living situation, and for that matter it just goes to say that people who do not understand this type of living would and will not ever be able to assimilate themselves into this type of culture, mainly because they are too much of a pansy or just too weak to live out in nature and can’t handle the elements like other people enjoy handling the elements. And I think this is really the big difference between people who live in TP or tipi communities and people who live in regular homes and would never imagine actually taking up residence in these types of communities.


Of course these people are on totally opposite sides of the wilderness survival spectrums, but when it comes down to it from the TP community side you have to enjoy the rush and the hardships that come with living outside because otherwise you might start complaining or just not be as fun as person as you could be within the community and then you’re just the guy who is complaining and not having as much fun as everyone else. Of course there definitely are those in these types of societies that are out there simply because they don’t have enough money to pay for a real house on a monthly basis and they think that by living in a tipi they can save a lot of money and still live comfortably. I don’t see anything wrong with this type of lifestyle decision and for the most part if you are in a tough bind when it comes to money and you are looking for an alternative to the normal rent payments of living in a house or apartment then the TP or tipi community scene would definitely greet you with open arms because they understand that they are able to offer you an alternative to the normal, mundane world and eventually open you up as a person and as a human soul so that you can grow and become one with nature, and one with the community.


So if you just want to get out of the normal rut of everyday life and do something extremely different than what you’ve always been used to then a TP community might just be exactly what you are looking for because they will be able to show the world to you in a new light, and with new attitude especially, and that can definitely change your life forever if you want it to change your life forever.