Divine Beauty In All Of Us

Everyone in modern times has started to stray away from the cliché and the mundane parts of our world and start to realize that there is a divine knowledge and divine beauty in all of us, and you can maybe describe this type of divine beauty in each of us through physics or some type of science, but the truth is that there is only one true way of describing this incessant and universal knowledge that we all obtain, and that is through the existence of a god and that the world itself is just a divine and has divine beauty in it just like you and me.

This type of thought process is clearly not shared by the majority of society, but in recent years we have seen the beginning of a switch in consciousness that we haven’t seen since the early 1960s and 1970s when people were fed up with racism and the ways in which the world conducted itself back then, but now in today’s times the problems we are facing are more along the lines of financial corruption and the wealthiest people in the world controlling everyone else behind the scenes in which people are not necessarily always aware about. In a way we are all trying to stop an Orwellian society from taking form, but the truth is that this Orwellian type of government has been implemented more and more in recent years, but it’s just now that everyone is starting to notice and get really upset about this realization and want to do something about it.

But what exactly should any rational human being do about something that is so much bigger than themselves that there really isn’t any type of alternative action or first step to take because the last step is so far fetched and just out of the question for so many people who live in our modern society because of the problems we are all originally upset about. It’s like a never ending circle of problems, and I think that is one of the main reasons why people are starting to get really upset about the financial institutions in our culture because they seem like they are too big and will never be taken down ever in a million years, and that could be a big problem if we don’t do something about this soon.

There is one alternative way to go about trying to get away from all of this and that is to literally get away from all of this horrible parts of society and immerse yourself back with the earth with like-minded people in a tipi or TP community in which people are living off of the land and living in complete peace with the world, because they are living away from the horrible side of the confines of society in which everyone else is being controlled by the very wealthy. When you are out in a tipi community there are no wealthy people because money isn’t really any type of issue within these communities because the amount of money that you have doesn’t make that much of a difference out there because that is not what these people and the entire culture is all about like it is in normal society.

So you might be thinking, well how exactly do I get involved with a tipi (TP) community that will accept me for who I am? Well, you’re probably in good luck because a lot of tipi communities accept just about anyone because they are really loving people who are open to accepting people who just are trying to get away from everything and start their lives over, because after all that is what brought a lot of people to these types of tipi communities in the first place and a lot of people who have lived this type of lifestyle for years all started out just wanting to get away and live in a free and loving community in which money wasn’t necessarily all that important.

Of course this seems like a utopia that doesn’t exist but tipi TP communities do exist and they are definitely becoming more and more popular throughout the United States because people are starting to get really upset about all of this bullshit that is going on in society and they want to make sure that they can change their lives drastically and do it in a way that won’t inflict any pain on themselves or other people.

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