American Society

It’s really easy to feel bogged down by normal, American society because let’s face it, the ways in which we live today are not that fun and a lot of the time they are simply mundane and don’t really allow for any type of real adventure out there in the real world, and for a lot of people this can be disconcerting while for some other people it might not seem all the strange at all. Of course there will always be those people who want to live comfortably and lavishly with a lot of nice things and everything that normal, American society pretty much tells all of us that we should want with our lives.

American society, which is obviously controlled through consumerism, tells us that we need to be comfortable at all times and the only way to really ensure our comfort is to make sure that we buy all the necessary things and watch as much television as humanly possible while we live out our daily lives like robots and not actually cognitively thinking human beings who can think for our own and make our own judgments about the world and the ways in which humans would live in our world. It’s definitely very sad, and of course just about everyone in the world has bought into the ideas that in order to be happy you must be comfortable, both mentally and physically, and the truth of the matter is that the ways in which we look at comfort aren’t necessarily the truest forms of comfort and can actually be replaced by a more natural way of living that in fact promotes happiness and comfort beyond the realms of comfort as normal society knows it.

It’s hard to pinpoint down all the facts as to how tipi or TP communities have sprouted up in recent years throughout the United States, but it is safe to say that more and more people, particularly Americans, are getting sick and tired of their mundane lives and they are seeking out certain communities who live their lives out in the wilderness and are more connected with the earth, nature and themselves in the process. Of course for someone who has never been homeless and has always lived in a house or apartment besides the times when he or she goes camping in a tenet with their friends you might think that living in a tipi or TP community would actually be really hard and tough on your body. The truth is that at first if you are someone who comes from the normal life of living you definitely will struggle and this is not something to be ashamed about at all because just like anything with practice comes perfection, so you must struggle and you must learn from your mistakes and have others teach you the ways of successfully living in tipi in the wilderness and making sure you are healthy and living comfortably like you were back in normal communities.

What sucks is that for the most part a lot of states in the USA will not allow people to live off the grid and will actually make sure that you live in a particular area where you are out of the wilderness and more closely confined to the horrible dregs that we know of as human society. But of course there are several states out in the American west that will somewhat let people create tipi or TP communities that then are created into some forms of communes in which everyone is working together for the common good of the community, and it really is a beautiful place in which everyone seems to be having a ton of fun and a lot of great times.

So if you are the type of person who wants to leave the confines of society and reach out into the world and find a loving community that will appreciate you for the person that you are and not necessarily just drag you down like everyone else has your whole life, then living in a tipi community might actually be something that would benefit you a lot and you might even meet some of the best friends and new family that you’ll have for the rest of your life.