US in 2016

It’s hard to say what I’ll be doing in the next five years, or the next five months for that matter, and that’s part of how crazy it is to be living underneath the poverty line in the United States in 2016. It feels like this time that we are living in is a time in which a lot of people are confused about the future, uncertain about themselves, and need some kind of good luck or break that doesn’t seem like it is ever going to happen, at least not to the expectations that lot of us live our lives thinking and striving for and countlessly be disappointed upon click here to read more. There’s no telling what is going to happen when you don’t make a comfortable amount of money on a monthly basis, and when you’re in this type of situation you have to be very secure with your spending and not overdue it because money becomes really important and over spending could cost a lot more at a certain point in time, maybe in the next five days or five months from now.

There are a lot of people who are financially insecure in the United States, especially in urban areas where rents are extremely high and that makes people who live month to month really have to strive hard to just be able to pay their rents, and that is something that is completely disconcerting for a lot of people because you never know when you’re going to just run out of money and then will be living out on the streets, and that’s something that I think a lot of people actually worry about because it’s definitely happening all of the time. Personally I don’t like to think of myself that much different from a homeless person because I know that could potentially be me one day, but I do think that if times really did get bad that I would find an alternative to living and paying a ton of money in rent every month, and one of those really great alternatives is living in a tipi or TP community in which everyone in a neighborhood of natural area lives in Tipi’s together and just doesn’t have to pay or worry about so much rent anymore. This can definitely be a very relieving feeling for so many different people who want to start living a much more relaxing and actually more comfortable lifestyle in terms of the amount of stress your are living with on a daily basis in your home or apartment. It can definitely be hard if you are unemployed and you don’t have a steady income, and for the most part if you find yourself in this type of situation then you could really benefit from living in a tipi community.

The tipi community is really just waiting for you to come and join, so you should come out and get the life that you’ve always wanted and live freely with the birds and the animals out in the middle of the wilderness like you’ve always dreamed of doing. You could bring your entire family and there are a bunch of young children who are growing up in these types of systems and other classroom types in tipi communities.

So what exactly are you waiting for? You need to leave your stupid job behind, sell all your things, and then drive your car out to the nearest tipi community and get to know your new family who will take care of you while you sort things out with yourself before you can then return to society a changed person. That change that you can experience while you are in tipi communities can make you a whole different person who is much more in tune with the spiritual side of the world, and that can do wonders for you socially and mentally once you are back in society, because you probably won’t stay at the tipi community for more than a few years, and only rarely do people live their whole lives in a tipi, but it does definitely happen.

So why not be that next guy who lives in a tipi village, and who knows what you might found out? You might just find out who you actually are.

Divine Beauty In All Of Us

Everyone in modern times has started to stray away from the cliché and the mundane parts of our world and start to realize that there is a divine knowledge and divine beauty in all of us, and you can maybe describe this type of divine beauty in each of us through physics or some type of science, but the truth is that there is only one true way of describing this incessant and universal knowledge that we all obtain, and that is through the existence of a god and that the world itself is just a divine and has divine beauty in it just like you and me.

This type of thought process is clearly not shared by the majority of society, but in recent years we have seen the beginning of a switch in consciousness that we haven’t seen since the early 1960s and 1970s when people were fed up with racism and the ways in which the world conducted itself back then, but now in today’s times the problems we are facing are more along the lines of financial corruption and the wealthiest people in the world controlling everyone else behind the scenes in which people are not necessarily always aware about. In a way we are all trying to stop an Orwellian society from taking form, but the truth is that this Orwellian type of government has been implemented more and more in recent years, but it’s just now that everyone is starting to notice and get really upset about this realization and want to do something about it.

But what exactly should any rational human being do about something that is so much bigger than themselves that there really isn’t any type of alternative action or first step to take because the last step is so far fetched and just out of the question for so many people who live in our modern society because of the problems we are all originally upset about. It’s like a never ending circle of problems, and I think that is one of the main reasons why people are starting to get really upset about the financial institutions in our culture because they seem like they are too big and will never be taken down ever in a million years, and that could be a big problem if we don’t do something about this soon.

There is one alternative way to go about trying to get away from all of this and that is to literally get away from all of this horrible parts of society and immerse yourself back with the earth with like-minded people in a tipi or TP community in which people are living off of the land and living in complete peace with the world, because they are living away from the horrible side of the confines of society in which everyone else is being controlled by the very wealthy. When you are out in a tipi community there are no wealthy people because money isn’t really any type of issue within these communities because the amount of money that you have doesn’t make that much of a difference out there because that is not what these people and the entire culture is all about like it is in normal society.

So you might be thinking, well how exactly do I get involved with a tipi (TP) community that will accept me for who I am? Well, you’re probably in good luck because a lot of tipi communities accept just about anyone because they are really loving people who are open to accepting people who just are trying to get away from everything and start their lives over, because after all that is what brought a lot of people to these types of tipi communities in the first place and a lot of people who have lived this type of lifestyle for years all started out just wanting to get away and live in a free and loving community in which money wasn’t necessarily all that important.

Of course this seems like a utopia that doesn’t exist but tipi TP communities do exist and they are definitely becoming more and more popular throughout the United States because people are starting to get really upset about all of this bullshit that is going on in society and they want to make sure that they can change their lives drastically and do it in a way that won’t inflict any pain on themselves or other people.

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Invisible Prison

The United States of America has been in a way an invisible prison for millions upon millions of people, and for the most part people don’t understand that they are trapped within the confines of the realities in which they thrive. Of course for a lot of people life is good, money is plentiful and the stress levels may not be so bad because you have a ton of money and you don’t need to really care so much about some of the more trivial things in life because your money will always back you up and nothing will really go wrong for the most part because you’re a stuck up little person who needs a spanking for two just so that you can get the punishment you deserve for being the rich person who doesn’t care about anyone else but himself.

Or maybe you’ll just get taxed a bunch if Bernie Sanders gets elected President in November, and that’s when all the poor Americans will stand up and laugh at the rich people and take some of their money because even if they don’t technically deserve it rich people don’t necessarily deserve so much more money than everyone else, and call it communist or whatever, I really don’t care, but that is the fair ways in which society should be run. The American society shouldn’t have to be run by only just a few of the very powerful elite groups of men and women, but the society should be run by the real people, real Americans, and I think that this will also bring about something that we’ve never really seen before in our country’s history, but cooperative and functioning democracy.

But this article and this string of articles is not about democracy, but it is about the ways in which we can all escape the great all seeing eye that is the American government and do something that will really make a difference in your world and the rest of the world. So one of these really cool things that you can do to help yourself, especially if you are the type of person who is confused and doesn’t quite know what to do with themselves and their lives then you should definitely consider moving into a tipi or TP community in which you can totally help people live out their lives in a more peaceful manner that is totally different than what a lot of us are used to within the normal confines of society.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily understand what it is like to live in a tipi or TP community myself, but I do understand that this type of community is something that invokes a lot of love and peace within the people who live there, and I am and have always been a proponent of loving people and cooking them tasty food so I think that I personally could get along really well in a tipi community, but of course that is different for anyone who decides that they would like to join a group of this type of lifestyle.

I would say that living in one of these communities is typically not for the faint of heart because it will require a lot of different sacrifices that a lot of people can not handle getting rid of, but as we all know when it comes to sacrificing something or someone we always must know that the end does justify the means and that is why we do things like this so that we can kill off the small and unwanted and move them aside and then build up again with a bigger and better outlook on society as well as new leaders to help us govern ourselves.

So if you think you have what it takes to live in a tipi or TP community then you seriously need to get out there and start doing something for yourself that will honestly be really nice and who knows we could potentially make it to the next level of consciousness and then just float away into space never to return from praña.

So go on, get in touch with a tipi community and drive out away from society where you can live in peace with the most peaceful people you’ll ever meet.

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Climate Change And Global Warming

Yes, the world does suck if you really think about it, but not the actual world of course because the earth, the true planet itself, is this unbelievably large living organism that literally has life coming out of it in all directions and in all microcosms of its being. It’s a literally impeccable feeling to start thinking about the earth as a living, breathing organism but that is exactly what it is, although for the most part our modern society has completely neglected this fact and has started poisoning the earth with toxic chemicals that are in exchange giving us more comfortable lives while diminishing the beauty and overall safety of our planet.

Everyone knows that climate change and global warming is real thing, well except for American Republicans who are funded by coal and gasoline companies, but it’s just something that is a part of the American political system, and no matter how corrupt our government gets it still is not going to make a serious effort into trying to stop the inevitable flow towards serious damage to the earth that is human inflicted. This is something that I think all humans are very aware of and very scared of, and I think that the only true way that we can try to stop this from happening is if we all make serious contributions at a personal level to reduce our carbon footprints, which can obviously be done in a whole variety of different ways.

That is obviously a lot easier said than done because when it comes down to it most people, it not almost everyone is not going to do anything to jeopardize their life’s comfort because they like being comfortable way too much and don’t know any other way of living comfortably without using a shit ton of energy and increasing their carbon footprint to an extreme level. But the truth of the matter is that there are a ton of different ways to live a comfortable lifestyle without using any unnatural energy at all, and one of the main ways of doing so is through living in a tipi or TP community that lives together off the grid in the wilderness and really is one with the living organism that is the earth.

A lot of people in society think of these types of communities as idealist hippies who don’t really know what they are doing with their lives and are just trying to mooch off the rest of the rich people who work really hard for their money and don’t give a shit about the environment, but what is so funny is that most people who do not know what it is like to live or even visit a tipi or TP community have no idea who awesome these lifestyles of groups of people really are, and the only way to really know what it is like to live in a tipi community is to get out there and really just do it and live within one of these magical communities.

Now, you might be thinking that this sounds really cool and that you would love to get involved, but you just don’t have the guts or the outdoor knowledge of living off the grid like the people in this type of community, and maybe that is the truth and you aren’t cut out for this type of lifestyle, but you really will never know your true potential unless you get out there and start putting together some serious actions that allow you to be the very best person that you can be within one of these awesome communities.

So if you just so happen to be the type of person who is genuinely curious in finding out more information about tipi or TP communities in the United States then you have found yourself in a homey environment online because these articles are all oriented around helping to inform people more about tipi communities so that the negative stigma of these communities can be lessened and more people can start changing their lives for the better and really continue a serious transformation towards themselves.

So grow your hair long, love freely, and join a TP community in which everyone loves each other.

American Society

It’s really easy to feel bogged down by normal, American society because let’s face it, the ways in which we live today are not that fun and a lot of the time they are simply mundane and don’t really allow for any type of real adventure out there in the real world, and for a lot of people this can be disconcerting while for some other people it might not seem all the strange at all. Of course there will always be those people who want to live comfortably and lavishly with a lot of nice things and everything that normal, American society pretty much tells all of us that we should want with our lives.

American society, which is obviously controlled through consumerism, tells us that we need to be comfortable at all times and the only way to really ensure our comfort is to make sure that we buy all the necessary things and watch as much television as humanly possible while we live out our daily lives like robots and not actually cognitively thinking human beings who can think for our own and make our own judgments about the world and the ways in which humans would live in our world. It’s definitely very sad, and of course just about everyone in the world has bought into the ideas that in order to be happy you must be comfortable, both mentally and physically, and the truth of the matter is that the ways in which we look at comfort aren’t necessarily the truest forms of comfort and can actually be replaced by a more natural way of living that in fact promotes happiness and comfort beyond the realms of comfort as normal society knows it.

It’s hard to pinpoint down all the facts as to how tipi or TP communities have sprouted up in recent years throughout the United States, but it is safe to say that more and more people, particularly Americans, are getting sick and tired of their mundane lives and they are seeking out certain communities who live their lives out in the wilderness and are more connected with the earth, nature and themselves in the process. Of course for someone who has never been homeless and has always lived in a house or apartment besides the times when he or she goes camping in a tenet with their friends you might think that living in a tipi or TP community would actually be really hard and tough on your body. The truth is that at first if you are someone who comes from the normal life of living you definitely will struggle and this is not something to be ashamed about at all because just like anything with practice comes perfection, so you must struggle and you must learn from your mistakes and have others teach you the ways of successfully living in tipi in the wilderness and making sure you are healthy and living comfortably like you were back in normal communities.

What sucks is that for the most part a lot of states in the USA will not allow people to live off the grid and will actually make sure that you live in a particular area where you are out of the wilderness and more closely confined to the horrible dregs that we know of as human society. But of course there are several states out in the American west that will somewhat let people create tipi or TP communities that then are created into some forms of communes in which everyone is working together for the common good of the community, and it really is a beautiful place in which everyone seems to be having a ton of fun and a lot of great times.

So if you are the type of person who wants to leave the confines of society and reach out into the world and find a loving community that will appreciate you for the person that you are and not necessarily just drag you down like everyone else has your whole life, then living in a tipi community might actually be something that would benefit you a lot and you might even meet some of the best friends and new family that you’ll have for the rest of your life.

New Age Hippie

Everyone knows that there are still a bunch of hippies out there in the world who have stayed away from the confines of normal human civilization and have started to make way for the new age of thought and consciousness through living through peace, love and harmony with all sentient beings. This is the way of life for the new age hippies, and for the most part you don’t necessarily have to be a hippie to want to live out in nature in tipi villages and other communes in which people are more in tune with nature than the normal home that we have come to realize as the normal way of living in the United States. Just because someone decides that they would rather live in a tipi doesn’t necessarily mean that they are homeless, but it means that they have decided to take up residence in a more natural, and really American way of living. The tipi was first really considered to be a Native American thing that settlers found out about as they found communities of natives throughout their travels, and the truth of the matter is that tipis are actually very economical and really useful even in today’s modern society that is full of technology and other forms of housing that could be considered to be more reasonable than living in the outdoors in a tipi.


You can’t really think about living out in nature and outside as a negative thing if you are going to join a TP or tipi community, and that is because when you do decide to live in these types of communities you are going to be constantly bombarded with nature, the elements and people who enjoy this type of living situation, and for that matter it just goes to say that people who do not understand this type of living would and will not ever be able to assimilate themselves into this type of culture, mainly because they are too much of a pansy or just too weak to live out in nature and can’t handle the elements like other people enjoy handling the elements. And I think this is really the big difference between people who live in TP or tipi communities and people who live in regular homes and would never imagine actually taking up residence in these types of communities.


Of course these people are on totally opposite sides of the wilderness survival spectrums, but when it comes down to it from the TP community side you have to enjoy the rush and the hardships that come with living outside because otherwise you might start complaining or just not be as fun as person as you could be within the community and then you’re just the guy who is complaining and not having as much fun as everyone else. Of course there definitely are those in these types of societies that are out there simply because they don’t have enough money to pay for a real house on a monthly basis and they think that by living in a tipi they can save a lot of money and still live comfortably. I don’t see anything wrong with this type of lifestyle decision and for the most part if you are in a tough bind when it comes to money and you are looking for an alternative to the normal rent payments of living in a house or apartment then the TP or tipi community scene would definitely greet you with open arms because they understand that they are able to offer you an alternative to the normal, mundane world and eventually open you up as a person and as a human soul so that you can grow and become one with nature, and one with the community.


So if you just want to get out of the normal rut of everyday life and do something extremely different than what you’ve always been used to then a TP community might just be exactly what you are looking for because they will be able to show the world to you in a new light, and with new attitude especially, and that can definitely change your life forever if you want it to change your life forever.